We want to offer a wide range of partnering opportunities at MyWeed.ca because we just love this stuff. As we move through our Beta Period and officially launch we will bring more programs online. If there is something you are particularly interested in then please let us know.

Affiliate Program

Help spread the word about MyWeed.ca. You know it’s the right thing to do for a friend – plus it puts a little cheese in your pocket. Details coming soon.

Fill in the Contact Us form on the right side of this page to let us know you’re interested.

Contest Sponsorships

We want to give lots of stuff away, because people love free stuff. End of story.  Join the frenzy, and sponsor contests with cash or prizes.

If you want to be part of the Beta Period, use the Contact Us form. It’s right there on your right. Your other right.

Email Sponsorships

Naturally a big part of our connection will be regular email updates to all of the Member Buyers (MyWeeders, yo’). If you have a message you want us to pass along, contact us using the Contact Us form on the right of this page.

Event Promotion

You’re planning a really cool event, and could use some help promoting it. Maybe we can work on it together. Sounds like fun. Contact Us using the form on the right.

Packaging and Shipping Testing

You’ve gotta trust your transport. We can help you test your packaging and shipping by sending  your stuff to MyWeeders and getting their valuable feedback. Details coming soon.

If this sounds like a service that interests you, use the Contact Us form on the right side of this page to let us know.

Page Sponsorships

There are a ton of places on MyWeed.ca to connect with the Community.  Stake out a favourite spot on listing, category and location pages. Just for the fun of it, this will be free during our beta period as we do our makeup.  Like we wear any.

Product Sampling

Let us help you wrangle some MyWeeders to sample and review whatever it is you want them to sample and review. Real world feedback for your endeavours. Oh, I couldn’t eat another bite. Well maybe just one.

Use the Contact Us form on the right of this page to let us know if you’re interested.

Sponsored Posts & Articles

As we foist our feeble thoughts on an unsuspecting internet audience through a barrage of amazing posts,  you’re invited to come along and bask in our delusional glory.  Sure to boost your cred. Let us know if you’re curious enough using the Contact Us form on the right of this page.


Do you really want to find out what your customers want? Then ask them with a custom survey designed for MyWeeders. If this sounds like a service that interests you, use the Contact Us form on the right side of this page to let us know.

Contact Us

Sadly, mindreading is not among our many and diverse skills. So please, let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll keep in touch. That way, you’ll always know what’s new and ready to rock for you.

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